Wednesday, 2 August 2017

What a difference a couple of years makes! Lets start with a catch up.

Blows the cobwebs away, and dusts in the corner....

Ah, that's better!

Ive just found 2 blog posts in my drafts folder, that I meant to publish, but never got round to .

So I tidied them up and published them.
Why now?

Well, it's sort of about the 3rd blog post that was in my drafts folder; the one that was never meant to be published.
I went away to Rhodes in May, on a Health and Happiness Retreat and one of the things they talked about was 'journaling ', which, to be honest, I don't really get.
I'm rubbish at lists, and not a creative writer, but decided maybe I'd be better just typing things up. And it sort of worked.
So I'm going to ramble away.

So I've published 2 posts, one from Early 2016 and the other probably from November.

I'm going to work out how to create different tabs or pages, because I have craft and sewing stuff, but also my fitness journey (horrid expression-may try to find an alternative), as well as random ramblings.

So a catch up on this year, starting with January

A retreat with Threadhouse where I took some workshops with Lynne Goldsworthy, Karen Lewis, and Jo Avery
Heres some of the things I started

 And this is my Retreat bag - a swap gift

This is something I made for a swap - really pleased with it. Such teeny tiny pieces!

And in return, I got this one

I also finished this mini quilt that I started over a year ago!

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