Saturday, 7 December 2013

Secret Santa

As may be gathered from previous posts, I'm a fan of crafty things and follow a few blogs etc from crafty people. I'm in constant awe of the skills of people.
One of the people I follow is Corinne Lapierre, who makes lovely designs in felt.  This year she organised a Secret Santa on her Facebook page, the rules being that the item must cost around £2, be small enough to post, and be hand made.
I was full of ideas, and then the names were drawn, I got Corinne! What do you send to someone who designs in felt?

Well, not felt, was what I decided, and I also decided to hand sew, and eventually picked something from Debbie Shore's Half Yard Heaven book. A cover for handy wipes.
First, get your wipes.

Cut your material to size, wrap the material round the wipes, and allow an extra inch

Edge the shorter sides with bias tape.  The instructions are to add a ribbon, but I decided to add a couple of buttons, and wrap ribbon round them

Fold the bound ends to meet in the middle, and sew across the the short ends.

As she's now received it, here's a picture of the finished item, together with a card.