Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crafty stuff

Things I've made in the last couple of weeks, which will end up as cards. I made  a couple of these, which will may end up as gift tags, haven't decided yet.

And some Christmas Deccies - Elizabeth Shaw mints inside

I took some bits and bobs with me and stuck them together to make a couple of cards.

These aren't finished, they all need sentiments adding.

Stationery Porn

I could wander round stationery shops for days

Not just the 'posh' shops, with proper pens, but even the likes of Stationery Box, or Wilkinsons.  I can wander around comparing one set of cheap pens with another, but what I really, really, adore are shops with handmade papers, and little notebooks and pretty things.

Imagine my delight then, on a recent work trip to Liskeard, to come across just such a shop.  So I had to pick up this little gem

It's still in the cellophane, its too beautiful to use.  

Then a week or so ago, I was in Scarborough and accidentally wandered into a branch of Rymans. I could have bought EVERYTHING.  I can't possibly ever leave a stationery shop without making a purchase, so some pretty pens made their way into my basket, together with some boring gel pens for work.

But, my absolute FAVOURITE pen ever, is the fountain pen in this set bought for my 50th Birthday.

The pen on the right was bought for me when I started Grammar School (in 1970!) and the one on the left is my everyday fountain pen.