Sunday, 28 November 2010

When there's nothing on the telly, I've taken some of my small stamps away with me, and have done some 'colouring in'.

Here are some examples of the stamps, will post them as fully made up cards when they are done.

Photos of the various embroidery projects I have started over the years. For various reasons they didn't get made into anything. These are not really showing the sizes well, but the tiger is about 10" square, the lady is about 10" x 6" and the little boy about 7" x 5". I was thinking of putting the tiger onto a cushion, the others can really only be framed as pictures.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Reading the random post from October, I was going to find the lead for the camera. Still not found it. But spent last night sat in hotel room watching the new version of the Good Life and doing some stamping. So, if I can't find the wire I will at least try to find the SD card converter, and then I can put up all my lovely little robins etc.

There is something sooo relaxing about sitting, watching telly, with a set of watercolour pencils.

Liverpool Echo - News - Liverpool Local News - Ray of hope

Liverpool Echo - News - Liverpool Local News - Ray of hope

I forgot I had this link. My friend Colin, who I worked with for many years, has always been 'arty' and when he left Local Govt. he focussed on his music and his favourite artists. This was a big local project he was involved in.
Hadn't realised how long it was since I'd updated this, last time was when I deleted a load of links, so must do better!

This isn't really about crafty stuff, so should be somewhere else, but will just rename the blog title. Easier all round