Thursday, 3 August 2017

Catching up. March

March saw a surprise visit to Jersey.

I've never been before, and had a last minute chance to join Jersey Modern Quilters Guild on their weekend retreat.

The weekend started on Thursday, with the very short plane journey from Liverpool. Well it would have been short, if we hadn't been sat on the tarmac for hours because of a crew issue.

On arrival I made my way to the restaurant to meet the others, and make arrangements to meet my cousin the following day.

I had a lovely catch up with Jay, who I last saw about 6 years ago (in a family the size of ours, that's not unusual)
Here's Jay on the front at St Helier

We then drove to the venue - which was in an activity centre.

We had to bring with us a rainbow star block - this is mine - it was really tiny, but I only had a couple of days to prepare.
I made a couple of things during the weekend, heres a sample

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