Saturday, 26 May 2012


Was going to be a pensive, looking back at a post from exactly a year ago.  But... moving on, have had a lovely afternoon, sitting in the garden with my sister, eating cake.

Standard Victoria sandwich cake, which for some reason decided to rise absolutely beautifully, so there was far too much for two people.  Fortunately at the very mention of cake, people appear to help you eat it!

This is all that's left!

Friday, 25 May 2012


I've been away with work this week, lovely hotel in Cornwall. Unfortunately this one wasn't by the seaside, but still had some spectacular views.  As luck would have it the weather was actually better in Liverpool!
Went for a walk in the grounds and came across a fenced off area with a sign.  Being of a curious nature, I approached the sign...

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The previous post has prompted a memory from my sister.  Her first words were "are they the things she used to make the pompoms for the top of tea cosies?"

To which the answer is of course "yes, and if you're not careful, you'll be getting a tea cosy for Christmas, together with a poodle bottle cover"

So here's an advance view of them!


I've just realised where my hoarding instinct comes from.

Went on a teeny adventure - to the cupboard under the stairs.  Found Nana's sewing box.
Here's an assortment of the things that were in it.

If you look really carefully, you can see that she's labelled the little bags, "LACE" and "BUTTONS", the lace looks as if it was taken from an underslip (now there's an old-fashioned word)

And as for this little lot.....I love the little folding scissors. But why has she kept the stripe from Dad's uniform?

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Hangs head in shame
The picture sums it up really.
What on earth was Kenny doing?  He left out Andy Carroll.  Shades of Bob Paisley - the most successful manager in our history.
We played rubbish.  Chelsea are masters (along with Everton) of defending a goal by putting ten men behind the ball. And they did it.  Clever system of not marking Gerrard meant that he had loads of space but nothing he could do with it.