Saturday, 25 May 2019

It’s not worth catching up on 2 years!

I’m not even going to try.

But some highlights:-

I changed my job. I’ve gone from randomly driving round the country as a salaried person to driving from one side of the country to the other as a self employed person. A 560 mile round trip each week, but at least I get to base myself somewhere.

The beast from the east hit Norwich shortly after I started!

Best move I ever made! I'm so much happier and its helping with the 'pension pot'

June 2018
Had a fantastic reunion holiday with friends I met in Rhodes.

We went to the Dordogne, the weather wasn’t entirely in our favour, but we had a great time

July 2018

In the middle of a heatwave, what did I do? Joined some friends from Too Fat to Run at Spitfire Scramble (a 24 hour relay race)

September 2018

Went on a healthy cooking retreat in Norfolk

Again, met some fantastic people, had a great time

November 2018

Back to Simply Solids retreat. Sadly, for the last time, but oddly, I have no photos. Far too busy sewing probably!

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Another post (and FoQ) catching up (again)

September 2017

It was a busy couple of weeks. I had a week with epic amounts of driving in horrendous conditions, followed by a visit to Festival of Quilts

Team meeting was in Chippenham (?) and the hotel had cows in a field next to the car park. Not impressed. Though I don’t think they were anything to do with the hotel!

My favourite quilt from Festival of Quilts

I’ve now got no idea why I picked this photo. Possibly because of the teeny milk jug.


I really had plans to blog more often. But since the app disappeared it’s not quite as easy.

So, I planned to do a couple of catching up posts, and then blog about a sewing day on Sunday. But forgot to publish them!

What happened in August? (This is 2017 we’re talking about)

J had job interviews and was offered a job that meant moving out, and away from Liverpool, so that was a big change.

He now lives in Stoke-on-Trent, has a new flat, been promoted and is quite happy there.

Although this is actually his second flat. The first was too far from work and took too long on public transport.

This was day 1 flat 1