Friday, 1 November 2013

More little hand sewn things - first attempt

Pretty little hearts.

I posted this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but never did anything else with the material, but today I've cut some more out, ready to take with me next week.

I've often struggled to cut out a heart shape, until the glaringly obvious struck me; its a couple of circles and a triangle.

Armed with that knowledge, I made a heart template.  Get a piece of card, and fold it, on the fold, get something circular to draw round (lid or something similar) and the draw a straight line from the circle, down to the fold.  Cut it out, and voila! A heart!

Use this as a template for material, cut out 2 identical pieces. Stitch them right sides together, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Stuff and then close up the gap. 

Make more in different sizes, join the top of one to the bottom of another. Use buttons, ribbons and other embellishments to hide any joins. Attach a ribbon to the top.

The smaller one of these has some dried lavender as well as toy stuffing.