Friday, 23 May 2014

The simple things

Last week, on my way back from a site visit to Cornwall I spotted that the new servic station was open on the M5, (In my job we spend a lot of time on motorways, these things matter)

Yesterday wasn't a marvellous day; I'd been on site in Birmingham, lovely bunch of people,  but being in a portakabin when there's torrential rain doesn't make for easy conversations. I then got completely drenched running to the car, and the rain made motorway driving hazardous.

Decided to stop once I got away from the car park otherwise known as M42 Southbound. 

Found flowers in the loos

And had a cuppa out of a proper tea pot, not a cardboard container.

Arriving in Newbury, my room had a sofa, so much more relaxing to sit than a standard desk type chair.

And I've just discovered that the light switches match!

Happy dance!

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