Saturday, 17 May 2014

100 Happy Days week 1

The end of week 1 and so far the photos have been pretty random, and, for the most part, taken with my phone, so not the best in terms of quality.

Here they all are, and the reason why they're part of #100happydays

Day1 - not the light switches, I decided against it

Here is my freebie pen, and my new ballpoint from, which is just the most marvellous site for people, who, like me, love stationery. They also have an amazing selection of inks, which come in teeny bottles which is great for testing colours.


A Sunday afternoon, and trying to distract myself from the last day of the Premier League season, I started to make cards again.  Absolutely no concentration, and my crafting mojo has gone missing lately, but these were a few quick makes from bits and bobs I already had.


What can I say?  Working from home in the morning, before driving to Cornwall, gives me the chance to use my Elvis mouse mat.  This was a present from Graceland, and I wouldn't part with it.  Every time I use it, it makes me smile.

Day 4

Wandering out of my hotel on Tuesday night, I spotted these just growing randomly on the grass verge. I've no idea what they are, they're probably weeds, but they're pretty. I don't know whether its a conscious thing, but I did notice that there seem to be lots of 'wildflowers' growing by the side of the road.


My hotel for the week was a 'bog-standard' Premier Inn. I quite like them, at least you know what you're getting. But woke up on Wednesday morning to the most amazing view.  This isn't taken from my window, as I couldn't open it wide enough, but from just outside the main door of the hotel.
I'm a city girl at heart, but sometimes the views just take your breath away.


I've been driving to Cornwall a fair bit and as I've been driving along the M5 have noticed a new service station being built on the Northbound carriageway.  A few weeks ago, it looked nowhere near complete, despite the sign outside stating they were recruiting staff.  Heading South on Monday, I noticed a few lorries parked up, so decided to check it out on my way back North.
Really impressed with it. Its a bit like Tebay Services on the M6, not part of a big chain, and has a farm shop.

end of week 1

I often wear a scarf, especially for work. Mainly because I wear boring colours (grey/black/navy) as its easier to pack; scarves can brighten up an outfit.  But I find they get in the way when driving, so take the scarf off and chuck it on the back seat.  Its rare for anybody else to be in my car, and even rarer for anyone to be in the back seat, so it does tend to accumulate 'stuff'.  I did a bit of a tidy when I got home on Friday, and this is the result.  There are 5 scarves, the big green one was Mum's, the green autumnal one that's hiding I've had for years and years, and the same for the purple one.  The orange butterfly scarf was bought on a trip to London with some friends - was it only last year - and the grey butterfly scarf was a birthday present from the lovely Jan.