Sunday, 25 May 2014

100 Happy Days Week 2

Well, there've been a few days without an actual tagged post, but I've taken the photo, or remembered to make a note of something, so I'm considering that to be a plus.

Day 8

Some Ebay bargains - a Martha Stewart punch and some new mirror card, to bring that extra something to my crafting.  A happy afternoon sat crafting with a glass of wine in hand.

Day 9

Sunday was such a lovely day and I was pottering round my little yard, when I looked up and saw this growing out of the wall.  I had no idea what it was, but I'm reliably informed that its a foxglove.

Day 10

Well actually, it was late on Sunday, but I only found out on Monday...

I got a tweet saying I'd won a giveaway on Instagram  thanks to following a few links in blogs , in particular thanks to Sarah at Sew Little to Say and her pointer to @fairyfacedesigns and I found my way to Seamstar

There was also something I couldn't take a photo of. While at Liverpool Sewing Club, there was the most AMAZING thunder storm, probably directly overhead, and I just LOVE storms!

Day 11

This is really random, I was searching for a pair of shoes under my bed, as you do, and pulled out a box of books, and found this treasure. Its got a foreword by Laura Ashley 9who passed away in 1985) , and is dated 1982.  Some of the eighties photos are worthy of keeping just for the fun!

I remember having lots of Laura Ashley fabrics around, and in fact my friend who was married in 1982 wore a Laura Ashley wedding dress.

Day 12

Service stations are normally dull places, but a visit to Warwick services was brightened up by finding flowers in the loos.

Day 13

My parcel arrived!

And here are some of the contents which became my day 14 post. I love getting parcels in the post, they're not surprises, but there's something special about opening and emptying out the contents.

Really looking forward to making my cushion