Friday, 19 July 2013

My yard

I quite like my little yard.  And it really is little.

No idea of the actual size, but its the length of the back door, plus the bin shed ( so about 7ft) and the width of the kitchen plus the back living room, minus the larder, so maybe about 12 ft.

I'm also limited in what I can do in it due to a whopping great manhole in the middle of it and the fact that the house faces sort of South West.  Sun arrives in the yard round about 8am and disappears behind the houses mid afternoon.  It does mean its lovely in the evening, but in the current weather, afternoons are unbearable, well at least for me.

I've grown things over the years, but recently, with working away a lot, haven't had the time, or to be honest the inclination.  But my recent enforced rest persuaded me to look at it again.
So here's the assortment of pots that are on breeze blocks covering the drainpipe and some really dodgy mortar work! Taken with camera on phone, so not the best photo, but you get the idea.
Somewhere in there are potatoes, foxgloves, lavender but this year finally, my jasmine has flowered!

I'm glad I took this photo when I did, as 2 hours later this lovely flower had fallen off.

I've also got some seeds, but apart from the purple broccoli, I've no idea what they are!