Friday, 2 August 2013

Some lovely places and a fundamental feminist issue

In my job I get to go to some lovely places, sit on trains and watch the countryside whizz by.

Thats what I did this week.

First week back after a couple of months off, so no early morning trains for me.  Nope. This was far more leisurely (at least to start with).  Walked to local station, not that easy with suitcase, laptop bag and lunch; up and over to the platform and onto the Runcorn train.  Off at Runcorn and wait for the fast London train.  Its also amazing how much cheaper it is to travel in the middle of the day.

Then the fun starts; from Euston, to Euston Square (no lifts) then Edgeware Road and finally High Street Kensington.  Believe me I was shattered!

But the point of this is a bit more fundamental.  Colleague was moaning about having to carry her 1 bag around with her, and how nobody bothered to help her.  Maybe its an age thing (she's in her twenties) but I wouldn't dream of asking for help.  Basically she was talking about 'fluttering her eyelashes' at any passing male in the hope that he helped her.  To me, that is so fundamentally wrong.  I started work in 1975, following on from the heady 60's, and women were still fighting to get out of the kitchen.

Best of luck to her, but its not for me.

P.S I did have some photo's of stations, but my phone was stolen along with my bag on the return journey.

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