Friday, 28 March 2014

My quilt so far.

My quilt so far
This is going to take some time!

But I've been mainly focussed on felt owls, so have sort of neglected the patchwork.

So here we are...

The hexagon bit

Standard 9 square block - and it is actually square, its just the angle!

Log Cabin - I've got so much scrap material, I may do a few of these

Its a lot easier to cut than hexagons! Basically used my trusty rotary cutter to cut 1 ½” strips and then cut them to the correct length.  I suppose they could be done on a sewing machine as they're straight lines, but I want to take them with me on my travels, and traditionally, all quilts were hand sewn.

The quilt.

Because of the material I have available, mine is mainly shades of blue and red.  I've used some material left over from another project (navy) and a light blue patterned material which was a pillow case.  There's also some material from the top I made a while ago .Finished top

The rest of it was purchased as  'fat quarters'.

Another important note, as I discovered when I made the little blue bag.  Try not to use gingham, the lines often aren't straight for some reason.

This was meant to be a 'disappearing nine patch' but I think I'll unpick it.
Disappearing nine patch - make a nine patch and then cut it into quarters, its often used for borders. Gives a slightly different effect.