Friday, 10 January 2014

Some crafty makes over Christmas

Well, December came and went.
Christmas came and went, as did New Year, and it's back to work.
Last week I was off to Cornwall so took some felt with me, not much, but enough to work on this little guy.

I didn't have much room as the hotel room didn't have a desk, or a decent light. Looking at him now, I think he looks a bit squiffy, the result of finishing off the wine in the fridge maybe.

But I was quite busy over Christmas.
I made quite a few gifts and remembered to take a photo of them,but my a favourite  thing is the owl cushion. It's another Corinne Lapierre item, the felt is so soft.

He started as a gift, but I decided I couldn't let him go. He can't actually fly, obviously, but has now travelled a good few hundred miles with me, accompanied by the original patchowl.

They're going to have some adventures together, next week they're off to Newbury for training (if I remember to take them,as I'm not in my own car) but here they are sat in the back seat before setting off for Derby.