Saturday, 11 January 2014

Random Mutterings again

I like to try and catch up on various blogs, I'm not as good as I should be, but sometimes something will catch my eye, and before I know it, I've gone off on somewhat of a tangent.

That's what happened today.  I was doing some sewing, or at least, attempting to do some sewing; but the pattern and the instructions defeated me.  So I wandered round a couple of forums and put some random words into Google. It's just amazing where you get to.....

Looking for help with my pattern, I found this link which is someone making one Christmas item per month. Which made me think of planning for next year.

I like to make presents at Christmas, not for everybody; 21 year old nephews aren't that fond of sewn or knitted items.  But sometimes I put too much pressure on myself. Who cares if its a perfect Christmas?

Doing some more reading I caught up on Jenni and in some random musings about Christmas, was exactly the same sentiment.  She'd found it a far more relaxing time without the pressure to make everything, and there was time to be more thoughtful about things.

There was also a conversation on a forum about feeling the need to photograph everything, but is it necessary to have photos? Or at least photos as illustrations.  Sometimes you just want to say something.

So,the plan is to start now!  In January. And get a stash of items that can be used throughout the year

Up to now, I've made this

..and a few of these ( but they've all been given away)