Friday, 4 August 2017

Catching up: May

May was an EPIC month!

Couple of things happened.
I was still running reasonably regularly, if you could call a ploddy jog with lots of walking 'running', and I had my hair cut.

My son J finished his dissertation for his BSc in Cyber Security.   I proof read it for him, but it was mainly a check that he hadn't left random comments in 'put a picture here!' and then not putting the picture sort of thing. I've long since got past the stage where I actually understood it!

And he turned 30, on the day of his final exam.
Here he is, as a very cute tiny thing, only hours old.

And I went to Rhodes. Doing exercise. In the heat!
 Had an absolutely amazing week and met some fabulous ladies.
In this group were women who have never run before in their life, ploddy joggers like me, experienced 5 and 10k runners, and some who had run marathons. (Liza brought her London medal)
But we were all on a journey, and I learned loads.
By day 4 I'd plucked up the courage to wear a swimsuit and sit by the pool.
This isn't me!

We did yoga a couple of mornings, a couple of 5k's and some hills!

We also had lots of fun, but I can't find any of the photos!

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