Thursday, 7 August 2014

Teapots and elephants

Sometimes it just has to be done. 

Despite having a fabric stash that would keep most people happy for a while, I was tempted by this

when in Abakhan on Sunday. Who can resist a fabric covered I teapots?

Now I really went to get some fabric to finish a cot quilt, so no idea how it found its way into my basket.  But if I was buying the teapots,  I needed a contrast colour, so I then bought this

and have made a couple of these, one of which I gave to a friend earlier.

I've also been making a cot quilt, which was the original reason for my visit. I needed something to break up the green and ended up with some lemon cotton, although still jot sure how it's going to fit in with the elephants.

But how cute are they?

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