Saturday, 13 April 2013

Music and memories

Purely a random thought, prompted by an afternoon with my sister and a conversation last week with some work colleagues. Many people have music on when they are pottering round the house, and this is what my colleagues were talking about. They were totally shocked when I said I didn't have a radio and rarely listened to music.
When I was growing up, music was something that you consciously sat and listened to; it wasn't background stuff, so I suppose I never got into the habit. In the car, I will listen to the radio, but its likely to be a comedy show on Radio 4 Extra.
Last night however, my sister heard a piece of music that somehow reminded her of Dad. Now that sort of narrowed the choices a bit, but she couldn't remember what it was.
Eventually, after much use of Google I realised it was 'Strangers in the night' - problem solved. But it wasn't, as when we looked it up, mostly we found the Frank Sinatra version, and although Dad liked Frank, it somehow didn't have an association for us.
A bit more 'googling' and we found the clip that had prompted the memory and it was orchestral. The penny dropped, so having downloaded Bert Kaempfert's version I was instantly transported back forty years to watching Dad conduct an orchestra in the front room.
Telling J about it when I got home, he too had a memory, of his precious Grandad singing the tune to him when he was small; the words were not "strangers in the night" though, but "dooby dooby doo da da da da der" and so on.

Powerful stuff.