Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sewing machines

For many years I have managed to sew using a machine that used to belong to my Nan.

It's an ancient Singer, and used to be a treadle machine, until Nan's brother fitted it with an electric motor.

I've since thrown the motor away, think it's too dangerous, but love the machine as a hand machine, but it does have its disadvantages.

Firstly, it weighs a ton
Secondly, it only does one stitch, and in one direction.  Reverse involves a complicated process of feeding the material back through the other way.  Fine for a cushion cover, not very good for curtains!

Here is a similar one

For years I've 'lusted' after the fancy modern machines, but on reading a few things, realised that actually the old mechanical type machines were hard to beat.  In particular Sewing machine site has some really useful info for owners of ancient machines like mine.  
Then, yesterday I was in John Lewis, and saw this

It made my heart sing, and its £50!

But I resisted, I've no sewing projects on at the moment, so can't justify it, but I can drop hints....

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