Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Being a bit too British

I was going to post this 'elsewhere' but changed my mind.

Staying in a hotel in Shrewsbury that I regularly stay in, small, family run, glorified B&B really.

Just done the typical British thing, of not really complaining when something is wrong. I'm in a different room, but still got the freeview, had been here half an hour and the pipes started banging; tried to do all sorts, turned the radiator down, ran the hot water tap, but it didn't stop so went and told the owner. But did it in quite an apologetic, sorry its my fault sort of way. He went straight to the room next door and adjusted something. Fixed it. So off I went for something to eat. Came back and there it was again. If I was American, I'd have demanded a different room; and some money back etc. But they were so apologetic, I couldn't. It's something to do with the people next door adjusting the valve on their radiator, somehow affects mine and I get an airlock. That and the fact that I'm coming back here again, and otherwise it suits me fine.